Working in Spain with uStore-it

Working in Spain with uStore-it

Ever fancied working in Spain but not sure where to start? Well, even those already living in the Costa del Sol put pack up their belongings ready for a fresh start. So while others are putting items into a self-storage unit, for others it’s the perfect time to move to sunny Spain.

Business Opportunities in Spain

There are of course the regular go-to jobs such a bar work or working in a seaside restaurant or even running your own hotel. As for the 9 to 5 world, business opportunities in Spain cover a range of options from retail to handyman.

However, franchise opportunities in Spain are also becoming increasingly popular. Ideal if you don’t want to risk setting up a company from scratch, yet like the idea of being your own boss. Running a bar may sound glamorous, but take away the sangria and regular customers and it soon becomes hard work for little reward. That’s why franchise opportunities in Spain make great business sense for the entrepreneur.

Benefits of Working in Spain

The benefits of joining a franchise in Spain is you get to work for an established company. What’s more, you can still create your own hours. As such giving you the chance to enjoy the sun, sand and sea that everyone talks about.

Even in the most regular of jobs in Spain, come with an afternoon siesta, or at least a more relaxed atmosphere. In return, you get much more of a work/life balance than in other parts of the world. As for running a franchise, being your own boss gives the chance of enjoying freedom. While at the same time, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you’re following a successful business model.

Do you need a visa to start a franchise in Spain

As it stands, franchise opportunities in Spain don’t require a working visa if you’re relocating from within the EU.

This is due to the Freedom of Movement Act. Which is also the case for those relocating to Spain from non-EU countries Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Likewise, British residents are also able to work in the EU due to the Freedom of Movement Act.

However, if you are thinking of relocating from the UK, it is worth keeping a close eye on any Brexit negotiations. As depending on the outcome and timings of the UK leaving the EU, this may affect how you apply for a Spanish franchise in the future.

Either way, it is always recommended to check with both local and Spanish official authorities before making any life-changing decisions.

Franchise Opportunities in Spain

Here at uStore-it, we offer franchise opportunities in Spain within the self-storage industry. It’s a growing market in high demand. So if you are thinking of working in Spain and wish to start a franchise in the Costa del Sol, contact uStore-it today.

With stores currently located across Manilva, La Linea and Duquesa, join uStore-it and help grow our franchise opportunities in Spain.

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