Winter Storage in the Costa del Sol

Winter Storage in the Costa del Sol

It’s that time of year again when winter storage in the Costa del Sol is starting to fill up! Finding the right storage is becoming in high demand. After all, when the nights draw in the summer clothes are often at the back of the cupboard.

Then there are activities that aren’t as popular out of season. Whether that’s the jet ski to put into storage, a set of golf clubs or a bikini and inflatables for the pool. Elsewhere in the Costa del Sol, it may be that you move out during the winter and stay further inland.

What about business storage in the Costa del Sol? There are a lot of companies out there that operate on seasonality. As a result, winter storage is especially important for those who simply close shop until the following summer. As for the longer term, it can save your business money – packing boxes and equipment into a storage unit is more cost-effective than many other overheads.

How to Choose Your Winter Storage

So now you’ve had a think about what to put into storage, there are various things to consider when choosing a unit. Location is everything when it comes to convenience, as such uStore-it is proudly in a prime position along the South Coast.

For those customers that need to get on the move quickly after drop-off, we’re near the main roads. As for anyone with time to spend in Duquesa Port, uStore-it is right on site. Then there’s Palmones and Torremolinos, along with our Manilva self-storage. Even if you’re not after winter storage in the Costa del Sol, uStore-it at La Linea is also perfect for clients over the border in Gibraltar.

What Sized Storage Unit to Choose?

Now you’ve got your location ready, it’s time to decide how much space is required. Are you after a small space for something compact or a larger area for a whole host of belongings? It might be you’re used to putting boxes down in the basement or hidden away in the garage. However, as the colder months set in, a drop in temperature can cause all sorts of issues.

Another great thing about uStore-it, we monitor each and every room to ensure they’re consistent throughout. As such, you can rest assured there won’t be any unexpected damp etc from our end. Not to mention the 24-hour security, parcel pick-up and drop-off or the chance to qualify for free van hire.

At uStore-it there are sizes for all occasions! Small units for archive boxes from work and those that could double up as a decent-sized stockroom. Personal storage can be used for almost anything, so with the help of our storage calculator, pile up your belongings in a safe and secure manner.

In the meantime, if you have any queries or require any assistance please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer services.

Book Winter Storage in the Costa del Sol

Even if you’re not ready to pack up and move into your unit, we recommend advance booking. In the Costa del Sol, uStore-it have various locations available, all of which can be easily found via the homepage on our website.

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