Self-Storage While Renovating Your Property

Self-Storage While Renovating Your Property

People often think self-storage in Spain while renovating a property can be an additional cost you don’t need. Yet, with uStore-it you couldn’t be further from the truth. Especially with our monthly payments, allowing the flexibility to only rent a unit for as long as you anticipate the job requires.

Benefits of Self-Storage when Renovating

If you’re renovating a property, the extra space can always come in handy. Whether it’s to store furniture while you’re refitting the carpets or laying a tiled floor to somewhere you can keep leftover paint.

After all, we’ve all lived somewhere with a garage, shed or outhouse that’s been cluttered with unnecessary tins of various colour matches.

This is where the choice of long-term or short-term storage comes into play. If you have a large task ahead of you, or the first of many, think of us as your stock room. Whereas if renovating just means you need extra space, you can rent a unit for a month or so, while you get sorted.

The main benefit is, it allows you room to manoeuvre as you carry out the task at hand. There’s no need to worry about moving furniture every 5 minutes, neither do you need to live in chaos. If it’s a job that entails working in one specific room, you can solve the problem in one go. Simply work out the minimum amount of storage space you need and book a unit accordingly.

Personal and Commercial Storage

The difference between personal and commercial storage is fairly straightforward. One is for your own private use, the other caters for business needs. There can, at times, be a cross-over. After all, just because you’re renovating a property that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily a builder by trade.

This can be particularly true when it comes to carrying out work in your own home. The storage space comes in handy, but the chances are it’s only for the interim period. Whereas if you’re someone who is constantly painting and decorating or such, it may be your main source of income.

If this is the case, rather than filling up the garage with ladders and scaffolding etc, rent a unit instead. What’s more, our commercial storage also offers a level of security and insurance that may not be available when operating from your own home.

uStore-it Self-Storage in Spain

If you need extra space while renovating a property, rent a self-storage unit in Spain with uStore-it, Costa del Sol. We have 4 locations currently available, as well as franchise opportunities in Manilva and the surrounding areas to open your own facility. Browse our website for more information, or send an enquiry online and we will get back to you ASAP.

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