Self-Storage Tips for First-Time Movers

Self-Storage Tips for First-Time Movers

If you’re buying a new house, or maybe relocating to the sunny Costa-del-Sol, it could be that you still need to put things into storage. Whatever the reason, here are some self-storage tips for first-time movers.

Processes can take longer than expected, maybe you’re staying in temporary accommodation while the sale of your new home goes through. What if you’re moving into a smaller property but can’t bring yourself to throw anything out?

Self-Storage Tips for First-Time Movers

Some people are used to the stress and strain of packing, but for others it’s a whole new experience.

Getting Ready for the move

It may sound an obvious thing to say, but getting ready for the move is a big deal. It’s easy to say you’re moving out of the family home, it’s another thing doing it. Maybe you’ve been living somewhere cheap and it’s now time to face the reality of what you can afford.

Either way, there’s more to moving than just packing boxes. For example, make sure you’re prepared financially. First time movers will find uStore-it storage units are reasonably priced, but you still need to consider your budget.

What size storage unit do you need?

If you’re in need of a storage unit in the Costa del Sol, how much space do you actually need? Again it may come down to what you can afford, but what you’re actually putting into storage is just as important.

With uStore-it there are a selection of secure storage units available. We have a handy household storage guide, but feel free to call in and have a look for yourself. Do you need a large storage unit for your entire belongings, or the equivalent of a garage lock up for a handful of boxes?

Packing Boxes and Labelling

There are many self-storage tips for first time movers, but preparation is vital. Those cardboard boxes wont pack themselves!

You need to know what’s going into your self-storage unit. Making a list of everything is a great place to start. You will soon realise you have more than you initially thought.

Using the same sized boxes is ideal for stacking, but make sure you label everything as you go. The last thing you want to do is forget where you’ve put the kettle!

Don’t overload boxes, you need to be able to lift them at some point. Heavier items should always be on the bottom, but if there’s space you can always pad them out with a couple of t-shirts.

It’s always a good idea to start with those items that take up the most room. Once you have all your clothes bagged up, it makes the random items hidden away easier to work with.

How Can uStore-it Self Storage help?

We’re not just another storage unit in Spain. Our team of experts can help from selling cardboard boxes and bubble wrap to providing a van for the big day.

Whether you’re after tips for first-time movers or after a secure unit for those valuable items, we are here to help. Book your storage unit in the Costa Del Sol today with uStore-it.

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