Popular Storage Franchise in Spain

Popular Storage Franchise in Spain

This is an excellent storage franchise opportunity in Spain, focussing on the popular self-storage market across the Costa del Sol. The reason for an undoubted success is based on both the wide range of scope in clients, but also an already existing brand that has risen to the top.

Why Choose a Storage Franchise in Spain?

Don’t just take our word for it, if you Google franchise businesses in Spain, you’ll soon discover they are in increasingly popular way to make money. Franchises are strategically proven to become a success compared to other ventures.

The reason being, you can start your own business but without the stress of going it alone. Whereby you’re already under the watchful eye of company that knows their stuff. As a result, there’s the full support from those that have done is all before. Yet at the same time, there’s the personal growth and knowledge that, in effect, you’re still in charge of your own destiny.

As for why uStore-it Self-Storage? Well, the facts speak for themselves. Launched by an owner who already had a major franchise business in the early 90’s, uStore-it was already going to be in a strong position. It’s background stemming from that within a separate market. Yet one in which its owner helped enough investors to expand to 150 separate locations.

Many of which are still open to this day. In fact, since floating on the stock exchange a few later, the same business model has gone on to become internationally renowned. The result? Those 150 branches have since grown to over 700 worldwide.

The uStore-it Story So Far…

With the above in mind, it’s no wonder uStore-it is already a household name in Spain. The storage industry itself becoming virtually unstoppable. Even when times are tough, or in the face of a local recession, storage remains in high demand.

The vision for uStore-it was eventually born in the year 2015. As with any business, the decision to launch wasn’t taken lightly. Along the way the initial partners discovered a clear gap in the market, due (in part) to an earlier property boom. After all, where there are houses and apartments, there’s also a need for extra storage space. Not to mention the volume of local traders an increasing local population attracts – hence our commercial facilities too.

Within 7 years, uStore-it have grown to 5 specific locations. Some of which already experiencing their own expansions, in order to create extra units. However, compared to the expanse of opportunity, this is only a small drop in the ocean.

Which is where you, the potential investors, have the chance to come into your own. Contact uStore-it for more information on how you can become the next branch to our tree.

Storage Franchise Opportunities in Spain

If you like the sound of being your own boss, with a virtually guaranteed return on investment, then we’d love to hear from you. As well as hosting our recent franchise discovery days, we’re open for discussions all year round. Complete one of our franchise opportunity forms online or give our office a call today.

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