Moving to Spain, Make a Checklist!

Moving to Spain, Make a Checklist!

If you are planning to move to Spain in the near future, make sure you have a checklist. It’s important to ensure you’ve done your homework before taking the plunge.

Things to consider on your checklist:

  • It may be a good idea to rent a property for 6 months to make sure you have found your ideal destination before buying
  • If you have school age children, check the Spanish and international schools and colleges online and arrange a visit so you can ask questions and look around
  • Tour around with different agents and take your time to explore as much of southern Spain as you want to
  • Don’t be pressured into making a purchase you are not 100% happy with
  • Unless you are retiring to Spain, have a thorough plan of who to approach for work and how to apply
  • If you don’t speak any Spanish, perhaps start learning in the UK before you arrive
  • Set out a budget of what you can afford, including school fees and living expenses and try to stick to it
  • If you are planning to rent your holiday home out, choose a location close to main amenities and facilities, such as the beach or, if it is in a rural location, make sure the road access is good
  • Winter can be cold in Spain so ensure you have adequate heating in your property
  • It is advisable not to sell your UK property until you are 100% committed to moving to Spain
  • Perhaps rent out your house in the UK for 6 months while you do your ground work in Spain
  • Find yourself a trustworthy lawyer who speaks your language

Use a reputable self-contained storage company on the Costa del Sol who can advise you on removals.

Rent or Buy in Spain

There has never been a better time to rent or buy in Spain. House prices have tumbled in the past 5 years. The exchange rate between the pound and the euro seems to be steadying. Especially after the result of the BREXIT vote.

With an average of 325 days per year of sunshine on the Costa del Sol, it is little wonder that this part of Europe remains a favourite among holidaymakers and residents alike.

Whether you want to play one of the 70 golf courses, travel inland to the white rural towns and villages or laze on the beach, you will be spoilt for choice on the Costa del Sol.

If you are planning to open/buy a business you also need to do your homework. Paperwork in Spain can be laborious and time-consuming. However, it is worth getting it right to start with, avoiding problems in the future.

Once you have settled in Spain you can choose from a wealth of attractions and places to visit. There consist of historical and cultural houses, parks and monuments and of course. Then there are the fabulous restaurants, bars and nightlife in all of the coastal towns.

If you fancy a few days of peace and quiet, the historic towns of Ronda and Mijas are within easy distance of the coastal resorts and are well worth a visit.

Need help planning your checklist?

Spain is here to be enjoyed, but lay the groundwork first and avoid any hiccups when you arrive. If you have questions on storage, uStore-it customer services can help plan your checklist.

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