Jerez – Sherry Capital of the World

Jerez – Sherry Capital of the World

If you are planning a holiday in Manilva or elsewhere on the Costa del Sol, why not enjoy a day trip to Jerez? Also known as the sherry capital of the world?

Some of the best attractions in Jerez include:

Jerez Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe Sherry Tour

By the early 19th century Jerez had become the wine capital of the world. In 1835, Manuel Mª González Angel put his savings into the founding of a small winery. Within 20 years González Byass grew to become the leading exporter of sherry wines in the region.

The first bodegas (storage houses where sherry is aged and matured) were built at this time: La Constancia, Los Apóstoles and La Cuadrada. By mid-century, others followed, including La Concha designed by Gustav Eiffel and the Lepanto bodega.

By the time of his death in 1887, Manuel Mª González Angel had not only built up a flourishing business but also created a unique architectural legacy.

A visit to the González Byass TIO PEPE winery in Jerez will transport you back in time to Jerez in the 19th century, although a fine glass of Tío Pepe sherry will soon bring you back to the present.

Santa Maria Church

The Santa Maria Church in Jerez was built in 1764 and features a Gothic doorway and facade. Dating back to the 13th and 14th Century, the church has several features. The spires, pinnacles and broken crests, originally took more than 5 centuries to build.

The Church of San Pedro

Situated in the old town of Jerez, The Church of San Pedro is built in a rectangular shape. It consists of one nave which is divided into three sections. The church has a triple vaulted ceiling and was constructed during the 14th Century. A further 6 chapels were added to the church in the 16th and 17th Centuries.

The Clock Museum

The Clock Museum in Jerez Spain exhibits more than 300 clocks. Some of the clocks on show date back to the 16th Century and a fascinating collection of jewellery is also featured. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, the Clock Museum is well worth a visit.

The Church of San Agustin

The Church of San Agustin in Jerez, Spain was founded in 1539. It was originally known as the Convent of San Juan de Letran. It was previously home to 20 religious teachers who taught art, philosophy and Latin grammar. The Church of San Agustin is well worth a visit when in Jerez.

The Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum in Jerez, Spain is located in Plaza del Mercado and is famous for its displays of a Greek helmet and a Bronze Age stone sculpture. With three floors and 9 rooms full of artefacts from around Jerez, plus a library with 2,000 books and a wide range of photographic records, the museum is well worth a visit.

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