How Much is the Cost of Storage in Malaga?

How Much is the Cost of Storage in Malaga?

With several units in the Costa del Sol, uStore-it offers competitive rates on storage costs in Malaga and the surrounding areas. With prices starting from as little as €42 per month. This can equate to less than €1.50 per day, now that’s surely worth every Euro!

Budgeting for Storage in Malaga

We fully appreciate with the ever-increasing cost of living throughout Europe, paying out for a decent self-storage unit may not be high on your priorities. However, whether you’re looking for personal or business storage, the expense could save you money in the long-run.
After all, those of you downsizing or living in tempor

ary accommodation will no longer need to live beyond your means. By putting some of your less important or bulkier items into storage, you can save money on the rent and mortgage etc.

As for small businesses, the overheads are far less than if you’re paying out for additional warehouse space. Especially if you need to consider security and paying for your workforce and such like.

How to Calculate the Cost of Storage in Malaga?

With the use of our handy storage guide, you can gauge an idea of what’s possible to keep in several of our various-sized units. When you put things into context, you’ll be amazed at what’s possible, especially when you plan things carefully.

In fact, we highly recommend working out the cost of storage in Malaga by deciding what store you need to begin with. It’s not just down to budgeting either. After all, the last thing you want to do is suddenly run out of space.

Therefore, scan through our storage guide and you’ll see how many standard-sized boxes can fit into each one. Likewise, we’ve expanded the descriptions to include the likes of deliveries, office equipment and everyday household items.

What Sized Units are Available?

It’s good to know what you’re paying for, especially when you rent online. That’s why we believe the aforementioned guide is a helpful starting point.

As a general rule, you’ll see we can cater for almost every scenario. Whether that’s a 2 square metered unit at €42 per month or all the way up to a much larger 50 cubic meters at €338 per month. The latter still working out at just over €11 a day, which is a significant saving compared to other options available elsewhere.

Please note costs and sizes vary in each location and subject to change. Although, should you need any further assistance an online enquiry form is available. Our store managers are also accessible via telephone and email, as well as having introduced a WhatsApp messaging system. Plus, with our facilities situated in prime locations, you’re more than welcome to drop in to take a look for yourself

Renting Storage in Malaga, Costa del Sol

At uStore-it we use a safe and secure booking system, providing as much piece of mind as storing with us to begin with! As you land on our website, select the right store for you and simply click the “Rent Now – Book Online” button. Alternatively, you can go ahead and book directly via our 6storage page here.

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