Why Self-Storage in Spain?

Why Self-Storage in Spain?

The number of self-storage facilities opening in Spain has increased dramatically over the past 18 months. So why self-storage in Spain? Well, this is largely to cope with the crash of the residential property market.

Self-Storage in Spain

Homeowners and tenants who are downsizing find themselves with a wide choice of household goods they have no space for. Business owners who are either selling up or leasing their commercial premises are also finding themselves stuck for space.

Safe, secure self-contained storage facilities offer affordable storage solutions either short-term or long term.

When choosing a storage unit in Spain:

  • Visit the warehouse or storage facility before making a decision
  • Make sure you can access your storage when you want without prior notice
  • Ensure the units are the right size for you so you don´t end up paying for space you are not using
  • If you are storing valuable items only rent an enclosed unit with concealing walls
  • Ensure the climate control in the self-storage facility is adequate so that your goods do not get damaged from damp or humidity
  • Ensure the storage units are well-maintained and clean
  • Look through the storage contract carefully before signing, to make sure there are no hidden surprises
  • Make sure your goods have adequate insurance cover

When packing your goods for self-storage in Spain:

  • Pack things well and number the boxes clearly so you can re-locate items you later want to take out
  • Use good quality, sturdy boxes which are specifically for storage
  • Fill boxes to capacity where possible but avoid making them too heavy – you must be able to lift them comfortably
  • Buy special packaging materials from your storage facility
  • Never fill large boxes with heavy items such as books or you will not be able to move them
  • Never pack items in sealed plastic bags as humidity can cause damp and mildew
  • Ensure freezers and fridges are defrosted and left open.
  • Drain washing machines before storing them and ensure they are dry
  • Wrap all fragile items separately with bubble wrap and packing paper
  • Buy special covers for mattresses and sofas and stand them on end on top of a plastic sheet

Organising your self-contained storage unit

Work out how to best pack your items into your self-storage unit.

Many units are differently sized, and you can save money by packing the boxes in carefully and efficiently to save space.

  • If you are storing heavy items check to see if the facility has trolleys or other machinery you can use free of charge
  • Store your largest items first
  • Stack boxes and similarly sized items together to save space
  • Fill anything that is hollow such as wardrobes and cupboards
  • Keep any storage you need regular access to at the front of the unit
  • Make sure you can see any labels clearly on storage boxes and make an inventory so you can easily identify the goods you want to remove

Ensure the self-contained storage unit you use offers easy access and professional customer service at all times.

Choose the right unit for you with uStore-it in the Costa del Sol.

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