Time for a Spring Clean with uStore-it

Time for a Spring Clean with uStore-it

Start your spring clean today and you’ll be ready to take on the world. With boxes of memories put into storage, you can focus on making a dent on the clutter. After all, it’s all too easy to get surrounded by things you don’t need. Let alone the fact you’ve got to try and keep it all clean and tidy.

It’s Time for a Spring Clean!

Remember to pick up the essentials on your next shopping trip, as it’s time to get started on the annual spring clean. That’s right, all the dusters, polish and scrubbing brushes you can imagine.

While we’re in no way judging your cleanliness throughout the rest of the year, a Spring clean is also a chance to focus on the bigger picture. That’s why you may well need one or two strong boxes to hand too.

Once you’ve put on the marigolds, it’s time to get to work. There is of course no standard procedure when it comes to a Spring clean. Nor do you really need to wait until the clock strikes 12 this weekend, even though the 20th March is officially Springtime.

However, we’d recommend you do take some time over the next few weeks to carry out the job properly. That means not only a deep clean but a good sort out of things you may and may not wish to keep.

uStore-it Self-Storage in Spain

While you’re no doubt find you fill bin bags full of rubbish, you’ll also discover items worthy of eBay or the charity shop. Then of course, there are those personal items you may wish to keep, that you might have forgotten about. Yet while assessing the situation, you could find when it comes to it you simply haven’t the room.

That’s where uStore-it self-storage in Spain comes in. Rather than making a hasty decision on throwing things out, rent a storage unit for a while instead. That way, you can still have a bit of a declutter, but without being ruthless.

With uStore-it self-storage in Spain you don’t have to rent a unit for too long either. As we have flexible storage solutions, tailored to your needs. As such, it may be that you just want somewhere to keep your items safely out the way.

Meanwhile, giving you that extra space while you have a deep clean. Maybe even giving yourself some room for that DIY project you’ve always wanted to start or to decorate a spare room that’s been stuffed full of boxes.

Spring Clean with uStore-it

Although here at uStore-it we’re not offering to come and carry out your Spring clean, we can make it easier. With self-storage in Spain, we have units available to rent in Manilva, La Linea and Duquesa Port. As well as a further storage facility near Torremolinos coming soon.

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