Thinking About Opening a Bar in Spain? Join uStore-it Self-Storage Franchise Instead

Thinking About Opening a Bar in Spain? Join uStore-it Self-Storage Franchise Instead

The sun, sand and sea are just 3 reasons why people think about opening a bar in Spain, but have you considered any franchise opportunities in Spain? With uStore-it why not join a self-storage franchise instead. You get all the benefits of living in Spain, but without the hassle of running a bar and you still get to enjoy the nightlife.

Opening a Bar in Spain

It, of course, sounds like a dream job. Especially when you think back to those holidays in the sun and endless nights partying. Well, that’s one of the issues with running a bar right there. The novelty of those late nights as you try to make ends meet will soon become tiresome.

The relaxed atmosphere outside of holiday season can result in long evenings with hardly any customers. You may think it’s an easy life opening a bar in Spain, but there’s more to it than learning to make the perfect sangria.

How do you get customers in the first place? If you’re opening a bar in the Costa del Sol, for example, there’s already a lot of competition. Many venues have big screens, the latest pay-per-view event on Sky Sports and live music. This all comes at a cost, gaining the alcohol license in the first place, booking the right acts and knowing which game is going to bring in the most customers.

What about those nights when all you want to do is put your feet up? However, you have to stay open until 4am in the morning. Maybe you want to have a drink somewhere else or go for a meal, but you’re tied to your all too familiar surroundings.

Then there’s the less glamorous side. Ever seen holidaymakers overdoing it and the mess they leave behind? When you decide to run a bar in Spain, the cleaning up soon becomes your responsibility.

Opening a Franchise in Spain

Why invest in a franchise opportunity in Spain? The business is already well established with a strong customer base and a valued reputation. When you’re buying a bar in Spain, it’s something you have to do alone. However, with uStore-it you have support every step of the way.

It’s also a chance to work in the 9 to 5 world but still be your own boss, even if your self-storage unit is accessible 24 hours a day. That means you still get a chance to enjoy life, you can choose where you go for a drink, as instead of trying to pack the bar, your packing boxes!

With a storage facility, there’s less maintenance too. As long as people are leaving their possessions in a well presented, secure lock-up what more can a customer ask for? When it comes to keeping up with ever-changing fashions, running a bar can become exhausting before you’ve even poured a pint.

If you are looking for franchise opportunities in Spain, why not choose uStore-it? You could take advantage of franchise opportunities in Marbella, Malaga or anywhere else across the Costa del Sol.

Self-Storage in Torremolinos

Update in January 2021, we are proud to announce a new self-storage in Torremolinos is coming soon. Setting a fine example of how new investors can join the uStore-it franchise.

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