The benefits of self-storage in Spain

The benefits of self-storage in Spain

One of the main benefits of self-storage in Spain is that you only pay for the space you use instead of the whole unit.

Self-storage continues to grow in popularity, and for good reason. Storage units are fairly affordable and allow you to free up room in your home and reduce clutter, store business supplies and inventory, clear out a room for out-of-town guests or store valuables that you want to pass on. You can keep almost anything in self-storage, whether you make it a short-term or long-term storage solution.

One of the greatest benefits of self-storage units is the flexibility. Most contracts are month to month, which means you can rent a storage unit for one month if you want to clear out a craft room in your home, for example, to let out-of-town relatives stay in your house for the holidays.

Other benefits of self-storage in Spain include:

  • Temporary storage during deployment or college
  • Business inventory, supplies and seasonal decor
  • Mobile business station
  • Store inherited belongings until you can go through them
  • Store important keepsakes, valuables and large furniture you want to pass on to your family
  • Clear up clutter in your home
  • Store seasonal decors such as lawn inflatables, Christmas trees and ornaments

Self-storage units are also flexible in that they offer many ways to customize your storage experience. If you need easy access to your belongings, you can choose a drive-up storage unit. If you’re storing sensitive items like wine, documents or electronics, you can opt for a climate-controlled unit. Alternatively, if you want to store an RV or motorcycle during the offseason, outdoor storage is available.

Tailor-made Self-Storage in Spain

Some astute house sellers have also moved into rented accommodation waiting for the inevitable downturn in the housing market. Self-storage has meant they have been able to tailor the size of their storage requirement. They will often rent a larger unit on selling their house and later scaling down to a smaller unit when they have found a suitable property to rent which they have furnished themselves.

An economic downturn can mean self-storage appeals to people who decide a move is not appropriate but they wish to add extra living space to their house or simply just do it up. Temporarily removing the furniture makes any house extension or renovation project so much more practical.

Franchise Opportunities in Spain

Todays’ world is so much more transient than in the past. Families re-locate around the country or emigrate to fulfil franchise opportunities in Spain. Couples separate, self-storage can often be a neutral way of dividing the household goods, and of course, couples marry, often combining families, the contents of two houses now having to squeeze into one. This often means space in the family home is at a premium. Having access to a local, secure self-storage depot has been a tremendous help to many families in the middle of a divorce or a new marriage.

If you are looking for self-storage in Spain, contact a reputable company.

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