Storing Clothes in Self-Storage

Storing Clothes in Self-Storage

How should you store clothes in self-storage?

  • Make Sure they’re clean!
  • Don’t use Cardboard Boxes
  • Vacuum Packing Saves Space
  • Use Cedar Wood Hangers
  • Always Check your Clothes

Storing Clothes in Self-Storage

Whatever your reason for putting your clothes in self-storage, you need to ensure they’re well looked after. The chances are, if they’re not already in the bin you’re at least having second thoughts before sending them to charity.

Make Sure they’re clean

It’s all too easy when having a tidy up to assume your clothes are clean. However, it makes sense to give them an extra wash first, even if you haven’t worn them for years. Just because they haven’t left your wardrobe doesn’t mean they haven’t gathered any unwanted dust and such like. Although make sure everything is completely dry before putting your clothes in self-storage. Otherwise, you’re in danger of undoing the hard work, after all, damp can attract mould.

Don’t use Cardboard Boxes

While our self-storage units in Spain can supply cardboard boxes for a whole range of items, we wouldn’t recommend them for storing clothes. Our self-storage units are of course kept clean, however, insects such as clothes moths can breed in cardboard boxes and slowly ruin your clothes. Even if you have ensured they’re well looked after.

Vacuum Packing Saves Space

There may be a big no when it comes to plastic bags, specialised packaging techniques certainly have their place. Vacuum packing your clothes have a couple of benefits. One is that taking any access air out of the packing reduces the build-up of moisture. As we already appreciate, moisture is bad when storing clothes in storage. The second benefit is you’d be amazed at how many shirts you can squeeze into a small bag. Which in turn saves you valuable storage space.

Use Cedar Wood Hangers

This isn’t just a tip for storing clothes in self-storage. It’s just as important for keeping your clothes well looked after at home. Likewise, if you’re opening a clothes shop or keeping them for any potential franchise opportunities in Spain. Unlike the old fashioned idea of using mothballs to protect clothing, cedar wood hangers and balls are far more effective. You will, of course, still want to keep your clothing covered up, so invest in some protective covers and clothes rail that’s easy to transport.

Always Check your Clothes

Just because you’re confident you’ve stored your clothing properly, it’s still your responsibility to ensure they’re looked after. Here at uStore-it your units are in safe hands, but with easy access to your clothes in self-storage you should always check in every so often. It can be a fun exercise too, as the chances are you could discover a whole wardrobe you had forgotten about!

Franchise Opportunities in Spain

Rather than opening a clothes shop in Spain, why not look into franchise opportunities in Spain instead. It may not sound as glamorous to start with, but franchise opportunities in Spain with uStore-it mean you’re joining an already established company. As such, starting a business in the Cota del Sol couldn’t be easier! Contact uStore-it for more information.

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