How to Store Vinyl Records Long Term

How to Store Vinyl Records Long Term

Here we take a look at some top tips on how to store vinyl records long term:

  1. Keep them clean
  2. Put in alphabetical order
  3. Check their value
  4. Invest in the right storage
  5. Pack correctly
  6. Book a storage unit
  7. Don’t forget about them!

How to Store Vinyl Records Long Term

Keep them Clean

Even if you haven’t played them for a while, it’s always good to ensure you look after your vinyl and keep it clean. Most record stores will have the right equipment, but keep essentials such as a lint-free cloth to hand. At the very least give each one a quick wipe before you start to store vinyl records long term.

Put in alphabetical order

It may sound like a wasted effort if you’re just putting your vinyl into storage, but you’ll be thankful in the long run. When it comes to taking your collection out of storage, you’ll find it easier to separate your Abba from your Zappa.

Check their value

Just like the actual records themselves, there are 2 sides to why checking their value is a good idea. It could be selling a couple of rarities help pay for your storage unit in the first place. Alternatively, if it’s a large collection your passionate about, make sure you’re insured accordingly.

Invest in the right storage

The avid record collector will no doubt already have this covered. Whether it’s with bespoke crates or DJ flight cases. However when in storage, you need to be extra careful. Sealed boxes that will support the weight, along with individual plastic sleeves for added protection.

Pack Correctly

As with packing anything, if you’re not careful there will soon be breakages. Don’t be tempted just to lay them flat like a set of old magazines. Vinyl should always be stored upright to avoid them warping. Likewise, don’t stack one box directly on top of another or they could soon crack. If it comes to it, invest in some temporary shelving to create the space and support needed.

Booking a Storage Unit in Spain

Your storage unit should always be at a controlled temperature, preferably a comfortable room temperature or slightly slower. Especially given the heat of the Spanish sun, you don’t want your storage unit becoming like an oven. It’s also important there’s no sign of damp. So if there’s the slightest drop of rain as your transporting your boxes, remember to wipe everything dry before you lock up.

Don’t forget about them!

Most importantly, even if you have to store vinyl records long term, don’t forget about them. They’re meant to be played, so with easy access to your storage unit, you can still dig out your favourite tune.

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