Self-Storage and Working from Home

Self-Storage and Working from Home

During this current climate, working from home is becoming even more common place. As such, self-storage in the Costa del Sol can come in handy for a number of reasons. Whether it be when clearing out a room to use as an office or somewhere to keep your stock.

Although, when it comes to working from home, it’s good to set yourself some standard ground rules.

Tips for Working from Home

Firstly, ensure your office is clutter-free. Ideally, you’d have a dedicated room, but this isn’t always practical. As such, if it’s a short-term solution you’re after then you may need to make space. By rearranging furniture, create an area dedicated to work.

Set up a work-station that’s comfortable to sit at, especially if you’re at your desk for long periods throughout the day. After all, working from home can put a strain on your body if you don’t have the right chair, table and such like.

As for the working day itself, remember you may be at home but there’s no time for slacking. It’s easy to slip into bad habits, so try and stick to a routine. If you’re used to a standard 9 am to 5 pm job, then keep to the same hours at home.

Although it’s also just as easy to unintentionally become a work-acholic, so remember to take a well-earned break. Escape for lunch, take a healthy walk at the end of the day or even reward yourself with an end of week take-away. It’s important to create a work-life balance.

Self-Storage and Working from Home

How can self-storage in the Costa del Sol help? Well, if you’re working from home and living in the South of Spain, there are a number of ways. While creating your office space, it could be a case of clearing out the spare room and putting everything into self-storage for a while.

If working from home becomes more of a long-term situation, paperwork may be the thing that starts getting you down. Archive boxes filled with invoices and copies of monthly accounts can easily be filed away out of sight.

By renting a uStore-it self-storage in the Costa del Sol, archive boxes can still be accessed as and when you need to. Likewise, should you hold stock while working from home, why not rent a storage unit instead? As such, you don’t need to take over the garage and risk boxes being exposed to damp or having to leave the car parked out on the drive.

It’s also worth noting, self-storage contracts differ to other commercial storage. You can rent a unit for as long as needed. Short-term storage being ideal when unsure how long your working from home situation is to continue.

uStore-it Self-Storage, Costa del Sol

As well as providing self-storage when working from home, uStore-it also currently have franchises for sale. If you’re looking for an investment in Spain, become a uStore-it franchisee. Contact uStore-it for further information and self-storage in Costa del Sol could soon be your future.

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