How to Organise Your Home Office

How to Organise Your Home Office

As we get used to no longer working in our normal surroundings, it’s a good time to organise your home office. Many of us have been working from home either part-time or what seems a permanent fixture for a while. However, it can still take some getting used to and knowing how to feel comfortable working from home is half the challenge.

It’s a good idea to organise your home office, even if you only plan to use it occasionally. Below, we take a look at 5 steps to making it all that little bit easier.

How to Organise Your Home Office

  • Plan Where to Work
  • Make it a Business Friendly Environment
  • Try to Keep Work and Family Separate
  • Keep to a set Routine

Make use of a Self-Storage Unit

You know you’re going to work from home but you still need a dedicated office space. It will keep things consistent during your week and help you stay focussed. The ideal scenario is a separate room, but we appreciate this isn’t always practical.

However, there are ways of making the most of your workspace. Rather than sitting on the sofa with a laptop, sit at a desk or even the kitchen table. It’s better for your posture, but once you switch off, your brain will too. Associating the sofa with somewhere to sit and relax, as originally intended.

Make it a Business Friendly Environment

Once you have your dedicated home office space, keep it neat and tidy. Avoid unnecessary clutter and invest in simple things, such as stationary or even a new coffee mug.

Having a separate drawer or folder for work documents will make things easily accessible. If you have a notepad and pen that you only use for work, then it’s less likely to go disappearing elsewhere in the house.

Keep to a set Routine

Treat working from home as you would your traditional workplace. Set your alarm to get up in the morning and stick to your set hours. It’s all too easy to have a lay-in or watch daytime television, but it’s a dangerous trap to fall into.

If you have clients or colleagues that may want to contact you, let them know up front when you plan to be online. This will also help take away any stress of being hassled outside of business hours.

Try to Keep Work and Family Separate

This is easier said than done, but again it’s where having a dedicate office space and set routine will come in handy. If you have small children, then if they are pre-occupied they may even forget your home!

Although, if you are planning an important call or especially video conference, try to pre-warn other members of the house. That way, they can help ensure you’re not interrupted.

Make use of a Self-Storage Unit

When you organise your home office, you may realise you don’t have enough space. It could be you utilise some of your room as an overflow for excess stock, or your old paperwork is starting to look like a library.

That’s where a self-storage unit in Spain can come in handy, there’s no long term commitment and you can choose a unit that suits you. Whether that be holding stock for a month or two, or a filing cabinet for invoices you need to keep until the end of the tax year.

Business Opportunities in Spain

If you fancy being your own boss and have the right amount of capital to invest in a self-storage franchise, we’d love to hear from you. We have business opportunities in Spain, with the Costa del Sol becoming a fantastic location to grow your own storage company.

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