Document Storage in Costa del Sol

Document Storage in Costa del Sol

Whether it’s document storage for your business or paperwork of a somewhat more personal nature, uStore-it in the Costa del Sol can help. Our services are set up in a way that we’re able to look after anything from furniture, office supplies and excess stock to those all-important files of contracts and invoices.

Reasons to put documents into storage

If you run any type of business, there’s always paperwork that needs filing away. In the modern age, this is often kept on the internal office computer system. However, more often than not you still need a hard copy along the way.

After all, what happens if your technology system goes down? Even if you scan every manual invoice that comes through the post, you still need backup. In some instances, you’re even required by law to keep files for several years.

However, you don’t want it all cluttering up the office unnecessarily. That’s where a designated storage company in the Costa del Sol can come in handy.

Commercial and Business Storage

uStore-it originated from a business background, by an owner who had successfully ran a number of franchises across the UK. Having grown to over 150 locations, each one would have required its own resources. Even based on one or two folders, that soon adds up to a lot of documents, yet we’re more than likely talking archive boxes full of them.

As a result, uStore-it offering both personal and commercial storage is the ideal solution. With our commercial/business storage, you can safely stack almost endless crates of paperwork safely away from your usual premises.

We have small units available for the independent business, while larger spaces or multiple units can be used for those operating on a larger scale.

How to store documents safely

All of our properties come with 24-hour video surveillance and security. As such, making the safety of your private documents of the utmost importance. Once we hand over the keys, providing you’re operating within our terms and conditions, uStore-it will have no reason to go through your belongings.

Likewise, they’re safe from prying eyes and fully alarmed units also mean they’re unlikely to fall into the wrong hands. It’s also worth noting how using designated document storage will keep your items in perfect condition.

Especially when more of us are working remotely. As an example, you may think putting a box of archives out in the garage or in a loft space is an idea for temporary storage. However, cardboard boxes and their contents can become damaged all too easily.

That’s why we operate within a dust-free and temperature-controlled facility. All of which helps keep your documents in pristine condition, while also avoiding them from getting damp or sun-damaged.

uStore-it Document Storage in Costa del Sol

While we cover a range of services, our smaller units can be ideal for document storage in the Costa del Sol. Here at uStore-it we have been operating across the South of Spain since 2015. As the go-to brand for your storage solutions, we have units available in Manilva, La Linea, Duquesa and Alhaurin. Whatever you need ut into storage, uStore-it have you covered.

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