Businesses for Sale in Spain

Businesses for Sale in Spain

Are you looking for new businesses for sale in Spain? Here at uStore-it Self-Storage we have a number of franchise opportunities available. This year we have been busy searching for potential franchisees to invest in the wider uStore-it vision.

With 3 established business already in high demand, our self-storage units are often fully booked well in advance. As such, there’s a clear business plan in place, whereby expanding the franchise will be hugely beneficial all round.

After all, uStore-it is already the leading self-storage business in the Costa del Sol. As for our customers, they fully appreciate we’re a reputable company in which to trust their belongings.

Franchise Businesses for Sale in Spain

By providing the opportunity for investors to purchase one of our franchise businesses in Spain, we can start reaching out to new customers. As while we are searching for franchisees within the Costa del Sol, we strongly believe our business model can roll out further inland too.

After all, storage businesses and lock-ups are in high-demand throughout the country. If you see a location you believe would suit the uStore-it family, we’d be interested to hear from you.

Not only that but by investing in our franchise business in Spain, you’ll also be providing a service to the local community. As it stands, our existing units serve the Costa del Sol, but there’s always room for expansion.

That’s why you will see via our franchise opportunities pages, we’re currently looking at regions such as Benalmadena or Torremolinos. In these particular areas, we’ve already carried out our groundwork and foresee a window of opportunity.

Franchise Opportunities in Malaga

However, Malaga is certainly an ideal location. Largely due to its mixture of ex-pats, holiday homeowners and independent businesses. All of which with their own reason for requiring both personal and commercial storage units.

This is why the uStore-it franchise has already made a name for itself along the beautiful coast of Spain. All 3 of our existing facilities are in a prime location, easily accessible to the surrounding towns and cities. As well as providing storage for those the other side of the border, living or commuting into Gibraltar.

However, our Manilva, La Linea and Duquesa stores can only cope with so many bookings and new requests. As such, this can potentially lead to customers taking their business elsewhere. Although if there was an additional uStore-it franchise just down the road, it would be a name they’re already familiar with.

The result? Franchise owners will get to work with an established brand. One that is known across the Costa del Sol and therefore a brand people trust. In return, you can hit the ground running with your new business venture. Leaving you to concentrate on gaining new customers who are happy to leave their belongings with a uStore-it self-storage business.

uStore-it Franchise Opportunities

Businesses for sale in Spain that are worth investing in are the chance of a lifetime. With time spent on marketing and sales before even opening the doors. However, with uStore-it franchise opportunities, much of the hard-work is already taken care of, with further support every inch of the way.

If you’re interested in becoming a uStore-it franchise owner, we invite you to fill out a franchise enquiry form online. Once submitted, we will get back to you ASAP.

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