Business Warehouse Storage

Business Warehouse Storage

Is your company after business warehouse storage on the Costa del Sol? Then how about using a self-storage unit instead? It could be that you don’t need the vast space on offer in industrial units.

After all, if you only need extra business warehouse storage for a few boxes of paperwork, why spend all that money? It could be that you only need the space for a short period, however, many contracts want to pull you in long term.
Business warehouse storage companies will often need you to rent out a unit for the financial year or longer.

However, with a self-storage unit, you can potentially rent month to month.

Business Warehouse Storage

There are at least 3 key benefits to using a self-storage unit for your business:

  • Security
  • Easy Access
  • Flexible Contracts


It’s another case of cutting costs. If your business has to invest in additional property, the financial commitments soon stack up. One of which is the security, your company may operate 9-5 but you need to ensure stock is being monitored 24 hours.

Easy Access

Just because you’ve found your perfect storage unit, some industrial sites are only opened for set hours. What happens when you need to access a file late at night? Or your biggest client is after an extra delivery during peak season? With uStore-it self-storage on the Costa del Sol, you can come and go as you please. After all, the unit is yours all the time you are renting the premises.

What’s more, uStore-it offers easy access to Gibraltar and mainland Spain. When you are looking for business warehouse storage, you need to be near the main road. It’s vital for transporting goods, hence why uStore-it is ideally located near to the A7 and E15 toll road.

Flexible Contracts

It could be that your need for business warehouse storage is only for the short term. Maybe you’re relocating premises, having a refit, or in the process of expanding. It could be as simple as needing extra storage during peak trading periods, such as Christmas or the Summer season.

As such you don’t want to be drawn into contracts that aren’t beneficial to your business. If the warehouse is likely to be half empty most of the year, why do you need it in the first place? This is where flexible contracts come in handy. Unlike other industrial parks, you can sign up for short or long-term contracts. For example, you don’t need to put money down for a 5-year lease.

Start a Self-Storage Business in Costa del Sol

With uStore-it you can always start your own self-storage business. Franchise opportunities on the Costa del Sol are available all along the coast. If you like the idea of being your own boss, especially within the sunny surroundings of the Costa del Sol, contact uStore-it today.

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