8 Things You Shouldn’t Store in the Garage

8 Things You Shouldn’t Store in the Garage

You should always be careful when considering what to store in the garage. Many of us may utilise the space a spare room, leaving the car on the driveway. However, there are certain things that are better kept indoors or within a storage unit instead.

Among the things you shouldn’t store in the garage are the following:

  • Wooden Furniture
  • Paint and Paint Brushes
  • Electrical Items
  • White Goods
  • Pet Food
  • Books and Magazines
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Expensive Personal Items

8 Things You Shouldn’t Store in the Garage

Here are the reasons why:

Wooden Furniture

As with many things on our list, a damp garage can ultimately cause damage. Given it may not be practical to get to a storage unit, be careful about leaving wooden furniture in the garage for too long.  The long-lasting effects could cause the wood to bend or split, making that once treasured antique table no longer serving its purpose.

Paint and Paint Brushes

The shed or garage is often somewhere you find old tins of paint, just in case, they’re needed in the future. It may seem a convenient idea, however extreme changes in temperatures can potentially change the consistency of the contents.

Electrical Items

It’s one thing leaving electrical items in the garage if you’re eventually planning to take them to the tip. However, be careful if you’re going to be re-using them. Changes in temperature and humidity can affect circuit boards, while it’s never a good idea to plug something in that’s been exposed to damp.

White Goods

Likewise when it comes to white goods. Again, you need to aware of the effects on the electronic components long-term. However, fridge and freezers also operate on regulated temperatures, both internally and externally. As for tumble dryers and washing machines, if you do still keep them in the garage, ensure the area is well ventilated.

Pet Food

As with any food, storing pet food anywhere other than indoors leaves it open to attracting bugs and unwanted rodents. Especially considering, rats and mice can get into gaps and chew threw boxes and sealed packets. Something to think about when buying in bulk!

Books and Magazines

Any sort of paperwork will easily get damaged stored in the garage. Books and magazine will easily warp, same as vinyl records and such like, leaving corners to curl up and potentially go mouldy when exposed to the elements.

Hazardous Materials

While many hazardous materials are unfortunately not always able to be kept in self-storage, the garage is also far from ideal. The reason being gas canisters and other highly flammable items could easily create a fire if ignited from the slightest spark when starting the car.

Expensive Personal Items

It goes without saying we’d rather you store your personal belongings in a self-storage unit. However, it’s for your own peace of mind. After all, the majority of garages aren’t as secure as the rest of the house or a professional lockup.

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