5 Questions About uStore-it Self Storage

5 Questions About uStore-it Self Storage

Below we will answer questions about uStore-it self-storage in the Costa del Sol. Where we have been providing self-storage in the South of Spain for over 5 years, during which we continue our plan to expand.

Where are uStore-it Self Storage Units?

As it stands, we have our flagship store in Manilva, along with additional stores in La Linea and Duquesa. All 3 offering the same level of customer service, storage facilities and flexible monthly contracts.

If you have questions about uStore-it self storage or wish to run your own franchise business in Spain, contact us today.

What Sized Storage Units are Available?

Whatever you wish to store, we should have a storage unit that’s the right size. Starting as small as 1 square meter for a handful of archive folders or up to 20 square meters for the contents of a family home.

If you need any support, uStore-it are available to answer your questions. We can recommend the sized unit to fit your needs, or if you prefer you can always rent more than one unit at a time.

What can you store at uStore-it?

As we’ve already touched on the size of units, it gives you an idea of the scope for what can be stored at uStore-it. In fact, almost anything providing it follows our terms and conditions. There are a handful of exceptions, such as perishable and flammable goods.

However, as a general rule once you have the keys it’s up to you what goes into your private storage space. Again, please contact us if you have any queries.

How long can you store Furniture?

Many people utilise their storage unit for furniture, with everything from garden chairs during the winter to antique tables needing restoration. Each unit is well-ventilated and with the temperature controlled effectively, preventing damp and termites.

As such, you can store furniture for as long as you like without it getting damaged. Although we recommend following our blog on how best to start storing furniture.

Do I need to Insure my Items?

It’s important to note that while we automatically provide basic cover for flooding, fire and theft, insurance is down to yourself.

Although some belongings may not be considered valuable as such, they may well have sentimental value to the individual. Likewise, other personal and commercial items may be worth getting insured officially. We’re able to offer advise and please rest assured, each of our units comes with 24-hour surveillance.

Leaving you safe in the knowledge that your boxes are being stored safe and securely.

uStore-it Self Storage in Costa del Sol

Book a self-storage unit in the Coast del Sol with uStore it, with storage space for every eventuality. Personal Storage for those belongings from home, whether you’re down-sizing or starting to plan a minimal lifestyle. Commercial Storage is for the business minded out there. With extra storage space for those peak season months or as an overflow for overstocked items.

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