What is a Storage Franchise?

What is a Storage Franchise?

As uStore-it expand along the Costa del Sol and throughout Spain, we’re often asked what is a storage franchise? The answer being, it’s a chance to invest in a business. However, one where those who own the overall franchise, have a set business model to follow. In the case of uStore-it, this is an opportunity within the self-storage industry within Spain.

Owning a Storage Franchise

However, as you’d expect there is of course much more to owning a franchise business than simply investing time and money. After all, as a franchisee, there will be set guidelines to follow as you start to represent the wider company.

This is where it becomes a fascinating opportunity. As a storage franchise with an already successful business, in essence, you will be representing the uStore-it business within a designated region. It’s the chance to follow company procedures while having access to sales and marketing guidelines.

The idea of a storage franchise being that we’ve already done the groundwork, in order for new franchisees to widen our reach. Therefor giving potential investors the incentive to take the uStore-it blueprint to new customers. Where you can become your own boss, while safe in the knowledge you’re joining an established company.

Here at uStore-it Self-Storage, we currently have existing premises at Duquesa, La Linea and Manilva. In fact, as well as a proven business within the storage marketplace, we are also well-established online.

Your initial investment will cover opening a physical self-storage unit, rather than simply buying into a conceptual idea.

Why Choose a Storage Franchise in Spain?

While the signage to a new facility will stand proudly displayed to passers-by, customers will also find you when searching the internet. This is often the struggle when trying to set up a new business from scratch. However, with uStore-it we are already working closely with an independent digital marketing company, in order to maintain our top 10 search rankings.

As such, when it comes to promoting a new storage franchise in Spain, we’re confident in having a winning formula with our online presence.
Furthermore, choosing a storage franchise in Spain makes good economic sense. After all, by finding a location with minimal competition, you’ll soon be the leading choice. It is, however, worth researching your potential customers.

For example, we’re currently looking at franchise opportunities in Fuengirola and San Pedro de Alcantara as we know there’s a gap in the market. These are areas within the Costa del Sol whereby property owners are often either in the process of downsizing or relocating. While others it may be a case of having a second home. In which customers may need somewhere to secure valuables when living elsewhere or renting out during the holiday season.

Then there’s the commercial sector. Where we consider regions within the Costa del Sol where franchises in Spain will provide easy access to local businesses. This could be a company looking for storage for a number of reasons, both temporary or long term.

Whether that be as a separate warehouse next to the main road, a nearby shipping port or somewhere close to their existing premises.

Franchise Opportunities in Spain with uStore-it

Are you interested in investing in an uStore-it self-storage franchise? If so, we are very interested in hearing from you. Simply fill in a copy of our franchise enquiry form online here. Alternatively, contact us directly if you have any questions before doing so. We have a passionate customer service team who are more than happy to answer any questions regarding self-storage in Spain.

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