Tips on Spring Cleaning your Storage Unit

Tips on Spring Cleaning your Storage Unit

If you have a spare room, garage or storage unit it’s still worth Spring cleaning. Even if you see it as just a designated space for random boxes, you still need to be clean and tidy. Although when it comes to those bits and pieces that are of value or personal importance, there’s even more reason to keep on top of things.

Where to start spring cleaning

If you’re going all-in with your spring cleaning, it’s good to clear the room. Move everything out and vacuum, scrub and wipe every last surface. Although remember to only use the appropriate cleaning materials and substances.

If in any doubt, focus on a small area first. Spring cleaning is a good way to declutter and re-evaluate what’s needed. This too can be done in small stages, maybe a cupboard at a time. If something is out of sight, is it really needed? Make a decision based on what you use and if it will be missed if you don’t.

Keep in storage, sell or giveaway?

These are 3 very important decisions, not forgetting the ultimate sacrifice of taking a walk to the dustbin. Although before you get to the point of throwing out or checking if something can be recycled, make sure it’s the right choice.

Firstly, are you looking at something you really need to keep? If not, can someone else benefit from your cast-offs? Remember, ultimately, you’re talking of something you don’t need but is too good to throw away. Once that’s established think of friends, family or charity shops. Alternatively, there’s a whole host of ways to make money out of your second-hand items.

Getting ready for the tip

Even the local Facebook pages are a great way to get rid of unwanted belongings. There’s a whole world of people that love upcycling, coming up with ways to re-use everything from lampshades to the bedside cabinet.

Yet, if going to the tip really is the last resort, then make it easy on yourself. There’s no point paying for self-storage if you know it’s being thrown away. Although if that is part of the plan, make sure any rubbish in storage is easy to access. You’re more likely to get round to clearing out that way.

Start being more organised

That last point leads nicely onto being organised. Spring cleaning isn’t just about making everything nice and shiny or dusting away the cobwebs. In fact, sometimes it’s not even about the cleaning. Use your time and space wisely.

If there’s something you need to get out of storage regularly, make it easily accessible. There’s no point, for example, dumping a load of old magazines on top of your treasured set of golf clubs! In other instances, it can be a simple case of labelling boxes so you know everything is in its right place.

Remain safe and secure

You don’t want boxes falling on you the moment you open the door, neither do you want to bang your head or create a trip hazard. That’s why you need to ensure you are sensible when making the most of the space available.

So, plan ahead, remaining conscious of the most practical way to pack and stack. Likewise, when it comes to using your local self-storage facility. It’s not a case of throwing everything in its right place, but remaining calm and organised.

After which, you can leave the rest to us, with 24-hour surveillance and fully alarmed units, you’re certainly in safe hands.

uStore-it Self-Storage, Costa del Sol

Once you’ve completed spring cleaning and are in need of more room, uStore-it self-storage have over 600 units available. With 4 locations to choose from: Manilva, La Linea, Duquesa and for our customers near Torremolino – Alhaurin de la Torre.

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