Self-Storage Franchise Opportunities in Spain

Self-Storage Franchise Opportunities in Spain

Take a look at our franchise opportunities in Spain within the self-storage industry. Whereby you could be joining our new self-storage unit in Torremolinos. The new facility based at Alhaurin de la Torre becoming the latest addition to the uStore-it franchise.

Franchise Opportunities in Spain

When you start up your own business, there’s often far more to it than you first realise. If we use the bar or restaurant example, it’s not all about making cocktails and serving fine food. There’s the upkeep of the building, the marketing and not to mention the less glamorous book-keeping.

Likewise, the long hours are great when you’re in the party mood, but can potentially become a drag out of season. If you start a franchise within the 9 to 5 world, you can always be the other side of the bar in the evenings.

Be your own boss in Spain

What’s more, as your own boss there’s no-one telling you when you can and can’t work. Although, that’s not to say you don’t still have to put in the effort. Only, with franchise opportunities in Spain, you can still embrace the more laid back side of life.

Imagine running your business remotely, either at home with your feet up or while relaxing on the beach. Even during those tougher months, the chances are someone within the wider business has experienced the same issue. By joining a franchise, you will more often than not receive support every step of the way. Which you can guarantee with uStore-it self-storage in the Costa del Sol.

Why a Self-Storage Franchise in Spain

The self-storage industry is as popular as ever, especially within the growing market place in the Costa del Sol. With more and more people renting out their holiday home, downsizing or starting their own business, self-storage is a serious business.

If you start a self-storage franchise in Spain with uStore-it, you will also be part of a much wider business. As such, one that is already well-known within the Costa del Sol. With storage units currently available at Manilva, La Linea and Duquesa, uStore-it are looking to expand further.

Where to Start a Franchise in Spain

In the Costa del Sol there are a number of ideal locations to start a franchise in Spain. Here are our top 10 suggestions:

If you see an opening for any self-storage franchise opportunities in Spain, contact uStore-it directly who will be happy to help.

uStore-it Self-Storage Franchise Opportunities in Spain

Start your own self-storage franchise opportunities in Spain with uStore-it. If you require further information please email our customer services at or call +34 951 972296 / +34 951 972296. Alternatively, see our “contact us” page and fill in an online form with your enquiry.

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