Self-contained storage units near Gibraltar

Self-contained storage units near Gibraltar

Nestled between Spain and the African coast, Gibraltar is an overseas territory with a life that goes beyond its surface. Although storage units near Gibraltar are few and far between.

If you are looking for self-contained storage units near Gibraltar, choose a company close to the border in Spain to avoid high costs.

So all those curious travellers pack your bags and get ready for the most enticing journey of a lifetime. Some of the best attractions are:

Europa Point

Europa Point is located at the southern-most tip of Gibraltar. The area is popular for its Point’s historic lighthouse that was built in 1838. It is the gateway where the Atlantic mingles with the Mediterranean and from which the coast of Africa is visible. It offers a brilliant opportunity to click attractive photos around the lighthouse with blooming flowers in the backdrop. Another reason to visit this vantage point is the view of Africa and Spain across the Straight of Gibraltar.

Upper Rock

If you have ever dreamt of standing on top of the world, turn your dream into reality visiting the Rock of Gibraltar. It not only rewards you with a breath-taking view but from a height of 426m you can see the African coastline where the waters of the Atlantic mingle with the Mediterranean. Enjoy a panoramic view of the city far below accompanied with marina, quays and bays. Pay a visit to St. Michael’s Cave.

Gibraltar Museum

Located within the centre of the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, the museum showcases a fascinating array of cultural collections, historical archives, drawings, paintings, objects and prints to take you back in history. It throws light on the rich diversity of the Rock’s social history and cultural heritage. You can also join in the guided tours of the collections and displays to have a better understanding of the rock.

St. Michaels Cave

St. Michael’s Cave derived its name from a cave of similar nature which is located in Monte Gargano, Apulia Italy. It is a collection of caves made of limestone found on the Rock of Gibraltar. The caves also exhibit the cavern formation and a long colourful history. An auditorium with wonderful acoustics has also been built within the caves to host light shows, philharmonic orchestras and even rock bands. This amazing attraction receives more than a million visitors per year.

Barbary Macaque

Gibraltar is home to one of the best-known old world monkey species. They are mistakenly referred to as apes but actually are a type of tail-less monkeys. Be vigilant and put all your belongings in a safe place while visiting the Upper Rock. Follow the general safety guidelines when viewing the Macaques. Come face-to-face with wildlife and visit the most popular attraction in Gibraltar.

Storage units near Gibraltar

Customers looking for storage companies near Gibraltar, choose a company over the border in Spain. You can enjoy cheaper rates and easy road access. Alternatively, why not start your own business? uStore-it have franchise opportunities in Spain.

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