Packing for a Family Holiday in Spain

Packing for a Family Holiday in Spain

When packing for a family holiday in Spain, it’s a lot harder than travelling solo. When re-locating to Spain you have to take everything with you, or get ready to downsize. However, packing for a family holiday can feel like somewhere in between!

Get Ready for a Family Holiday in Spain

Make a List

When it comes to packing for a family holiday in Spain, being organised is vital. You may think you’re going to remember everything, but it will reduce the stress of packing if you write it all down first. As for when to make the all-important list, don’t leave that until the last minute either!

Plan what to do in Spain

If you’re visiting somewhere like the Costa del Sol, there’s plenty of fun for all the family. The chances are there’s going to be little time for just sunbathing on the beach.

So, this goes back to why making a list is so important. If you’re going swimming, don’t forget a spare towel. What if the children want to throw a frisbee around, it’s no good left in the shed at home!

Buy the right suitcases

Packing for a family holiday in Spain, you want to make sure you’re packing everything carefully. Rigid suitcases have their place, you can get a lot into them and they protect those more fragile items. However, if you overpack a suitcase, then whose going to lift it? Alternatively, how about just taking lightweight bags? That way, there’s more chance of everyone carrying their own luggage.

Pack lunch boxes

Is it a long journey? Well, it’s time to think about food before you’ve even reached the airport. Even if you stop off for a quick bite to eat along the way, snacks will help keep you re-energised. When it comes to children, the younger ones may be used to regular feed times. As such, don’t forget to pack their lunch boxes separately. Although, it’s always best to keep them in your hand luggage for easy access.

Remember the entertainment

We’re not just talking about once you reach Spain. Both children and adults alike need something to keep them occupied. The beautiful scenery is all part of the holiday experience, but with a lot of waiting around at airports, you may need more than just a good book!

Are you relocating to Spain?

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Franchise Opportunities in Spain

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