How to Move and Store Office Equipment

How to Move and Store Office Equipment

Whether it’s to store office equipment long or short term, uStore-it can help. We can even provide a franchise opportunity in Spain if you’re business mind is thinking of changing direction!

Get Organised for Your Move

It’s all very well saying it’s easy to move and store office equipment. After all, in essence, it’s just boxing up the paperwork, while lifting and shifting the office furniture. However, there’s always so much more to the best way to move and store office equipment.

How to Move Office Equipment

There are of course all the obvious tips and advice when it comes to lifting boxes. Bend at the knees, or just draft in a professional. Then again, what about all the other bits and pieces. Yes you know the furniture needs to be moved from A to B, but did you realise quite how many electronics you have?

It’s not always just the bulky items such as photocopiers that you need to consider when thinking about how to move office furniture. All the computers, phones, projectors and such soon add up.  So most importantly, don’t get complacent and just stack things on top of each other. Look after everything at the start of the move and you’ll be in for a smooth transition.

How to Store Office Equipment

If you have the original packaging, it makes sense to use it wherever possible. Although maybe grab some extra bubble wrap just in case. Remember to wrap up anything that’s easily damaged, as even if you’re only a small operation breakage can still be costly. It’s even worthwhile shrink wrapping everything to avoid any damp getting into the electronics.

All those plugs and leads look the same after a while, so labelling each one individually may sound long-winded, but you’ll be thankful in the long run. At uStore-it self-storage, everything will be in safe hands, but make sure you keep an inventory just to be on the safe side.

Best Way to Store Paperwork

Even if you’re changing business altogether, you never know when you may need it. Whether it’s supporting documents in the closure of your business, or helping to showcase your abilities when starting up a fresh. You may not need any previous experience running a self-storage unit in the Costa del Sol, but a strong background will always help with a franchise opportunity in Spain.

As such, always keep your paperwork safe. Filing cabinets are a great way to store paperwork, both in the office and in storage. However, if there’s a lot, just be careful when it comes to moving it about. Alternatively, if you’re using boxes, ensure they’re airtight and damp-proof, cardboard archives are ok short term, but may not be the best idea for longer storage.

Franchise Opportunity in Spain

Are you thinking of starting a new business in the Costa del Sol? Then here at uStore-it we have the chance to take advantage of a new franchise opportunity in Spain. You could soon be setting up an office with the self-storage company you’ve been using to store office equipment.

By joining an already established company, uStore-it will help take the pressure off starting up, providing support with every step of the way. For more information on franchise opportunities in Spain, contact uStore-it today.

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