Alternative ways to use your Self-Storage Unit

Alternative ways to use your Self-Storage Unit

Apart from the obvious, we look at alternative ways to use your self-storage unit. There are many reasons why you may need a uStore-it storage unit in the Costa Del Sol. After all, at our secure facilities, you can store everything from household items to paperwork for your business needs.

Alternative ways to use your self-storage unit:

Personal Gym

Some people set up a personal gym in their garage, but what happens when you decide to use it for the family car? Then it’s time to move the treadmill, rowing machine and weights into a self-storage unit.

It doesn’t have to be put into storage and forgotten about either. With 24-hour access you can still go to the gym. Lay out your unit as if it were your garage, rent a storage facility big enough that you can still carry out your full regime.


Are you a carpenter by trade, or an up and coming artist? Maybe taking part in a much bigger project, where you need to put your machinery in storage. Either way, using a self-storage unit in Costa Del Sol as your workshop is a fantastic idea.

You can come and go as you please, plus you won’t annoy the neighbours with any noise. When you use your home as a workshop, things can get dirty or cluttered. You can still give your workshop a good clean every so often, or even leave a spare set of clothes to change into!

Stock Room

Do you own a small business in the south of Spain? Then how about renting a self-storage unit as a stock room. Whether you’re in excess of a number of items or have something to sell that takes up more room than usual, uStore-it will have a suitable unit available.

Depending on the type of stock you need to store, then uStore-it can have the answer to your problems. There are however certain items, such as perishable goods, that you may have to re-think your plans of how to store. As such, the uStore-it customer service team will be happy to help with any advice you may need.

Extra Office Space

It’s not only products you may need to put into storage. For others looking for Alternative ways to use your Self-Storage Unit, it could be a case of somewhere to work. In fact, you may not need to physically store anything at all.

Some start-up business operate out of a self-storage unit as a way to keep overheads low. The rent can work out much less than an actual office. Facilities can be used for both short and long-term availability, so you don’t have to commit to any yearly contracts.

Spare Room

We’re not suggesting you let guests sleep at your storage facility, however you can still use it as a spare room. It will help declutter the one at home, without having to throw anything out. Ideal if you have guests coming to stay and you want to have a quick tidy up.

You can always find alternative ways to use your Self-Storage Unit, especially with a uStore-it storage facility in the Costa del Sol.

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