Self-contained storage units & free van hire on the Costa del Sol

Self-contained storage units & free van hire on the Costa del Sol

Self-contained storage units and free van hire on the Costa del Sol are available in Manilva, just a 20-minute drive from Gibraltar.

If you are looking for a company to store your goods safely and securely on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, use a company who are reputable and one which will offer you insurance for your goods.

Self-contained storage companies on the Costa del Sol should be flexible and offer long term storage deals and different sized storage units, so you only pay for the space you use.

Storage in Spain is not difficult to find but honest, trustworthy companies are. If you only have a small volume of storage, for example, it doesn’t make good economic sense to store your goods in container storage as you will be paying for space you don’t need.

With self-contained storage units, you will have your own key for access and be able to add to or remove your goods whenever the store is open, without giving prior notice.

Also, choose a company with good road access so that wherever you live on the Costa del Sol you can reach the warehouse easily by the coastal motorway or toll road.

Free van hire on the Costa del Sol

You may even find a storage company on the Costa del Sol which offers free van hire so you can avoid more expense, not having to fork out for a removals firm to move your goods in.

A good storage company will also be able to give you advice about reputable removals companies nearby if you are moving house or if you want your goods taken from their store to your new property. They will also receive goods on your behalf if your goods are arriving from the UK or elsewhere before you do.

Self-contained storage units

Costa del Storage companies offer various prices and services. Don’t feel obligated to use the first one you contact. Shop around and find the best deals to suit you or ask if you can have a no-obligation tour of the store before you make your mind up.

Storage companies in southern Spain first started to go up in high numbers during the property boom of late 90’s when homeowners were down-sizing, buying, selling or renting their properties out. Many new apartments had little storage and it often worked out cheaper to store your goods in a secure storage facility than pay for extra storage space or garage space within the complex.

Self-contained storage companies in Spain should be clean, secure and offer affordable storage units which can be easily accessed.

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